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Bakhtiar Dossul is a native of Miami, Florida and is Bak to those who know him personally. When he is not saltwater fishing and boating in Miami, he spends the school year in Austin, Texas teaching American Sign Language.


Bak also is an intrepid world traveler and because of his passion for travel, his love for art grew. His love at first sight for art was during a coffee stop for espresso on his three-week trip in Spain during summer 2001. He spotted an art museum and decided to explore their archives. It turned out to have a vast collection of Pablo Picasso’s work. He was enthralled with Picasso’s art and skills that it taught him anyone with passion and skills can succeed if they are knowledgeable with how to showcase and market their work. Bak also shares the same belief as the Roman poet, Horace:

“A picture is a poem without words”. In addition, this summer trip in Europe was the beginning of his art collection as he has a growing assortment of art work from every place and country he visits. 


Bakhtiar joined the Florida Deaf Art Show team in 2020 as their treasurer with the motivation to help the organization evolve. He looks forward to seeing the number of Deaf and Hard of Hearing artists grow with confidence and witness their successes elevate within FDAS. 

In 2001, Bakhtiar visited Pablo Picasso's

"The Guernica" during his travels in Spain.

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