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Exactly twenty years ago this year, I had a subscription to Surfer - a special interest magazine about surfing. Flipping through the pages and seeing photographs of beautiful blue synchronized waves and surfers in their own element, I would feel inspired, relaxed and at ease. I can recall vaguely how I started doing collage, finding myself compelled to clip pages and create a new composition by hand. Fast forward to 2013, after a decade of inactivity, I was inspired with new ideas for my collage pieces. I added digital photography as a source of material alongside magazine clippings - doing collages both by hand and digitally. The images that went into my collage work was often brightly colored and strongly associated with nature. The process of constructing images and ideas is based on achieving the vision I see and feel. Each has their own meaning, derived from my Deafhood, family and spirituality. This year will be my sixth year showcasing my work and my third with FDAS. The collage pieces you see on display are originals, sourced from magazines and calendar prints. There will be no prints made from this set of collages. 


"Mandela Blues"

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