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In 1977, Daniel Matamoros was born in Honduras and moved to America when he was 7 years of age. He was born Deaf but did not acquire a formal language (ASL) until he moved to the States. He often remembers his childhood in picture form as a series of visual images so it is fitting that he has always been drawn to photography and capturing life through photos.


He began his interest in photography during middle and high school, at FSDB, but didn’t realize its artistic value. It was later he began exploring various genres and realized his passion. He now strives to bring vintage and abandoned scenes to life, while discovering and expressing his own deep emotions from his early years when words were not available to him. What began as a hobby has become an avenue of expression. He enjoys capturing images that portray everyday life, especially the unique artifacts of life past. He discovers and reclaims the beauty in these rustic remnants that many of us have forgotten and looks forward to continuing his journey as an aspiring photographer. 


Daniel also has the privilege of being on the FDAS Board of Directors and has taken a keen interest in providing a venue for emerging and experienced Deaf artists, like himself, to showcase their work.


"Classic Kings"

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