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  • What is the attendee age requirement?
    While we appreciate all types and styles of art, and fully believe that art can include nudity or sexual themes, our art show may contain nude artworks or artworks presented may feature sexual themes. Because of this, only 18+ individuals are allowed to attend the show. We don't allow underage individuals under 18 to attend the show.
  • Will the attendees to the Florida Deaf Art Show only be for Deaf/HoH customers?
    No, we 100% do encourage hearing patrons to attend our Art Show so we can validate the professionalism and creativity of all deaf and HoH artists and Florida Deaf Art Show staff members to emphasize that deaf talent is existent and that deaf CAN do anything. We will always have ASL interpreters provided at our Art Shows to help bridge the communication barriers that may occur.
  • Will interpreters be provided for the art show?
    Yes, Florida Deaf Art Show will always hire and provide their choices of interpreters for the artists and deaf & hearing show attendees. However, if you do need a specific kind of interpreter, please let us know 30 days ahead of the Art Show date and we will be glad to discuss further in detail to better accommodate your needs.
  • Do artists have to be Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing?
    Yes, Florida DEAF Art Show is exclusively run by deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. We solely and proudly show Art work by deaf and hard-of-hearing artists to demonstrate and emphasize to the general public that with our deaf talent, deaf individuals CAN host, run, and provide an Art Show of high quality standards.
  • What is the artist submission age requirement?
  • What is the artist residency requirement?
    FLORIDA (and any other state- as long they are responsible for their own transportation of selves and artwork. Florida Deaf Art Show is not responsible for any and all out-of-state artwork transportation otherwise noted in future newsletters and/or message board).
  • Do I need to pay to pay application/entry fee to participate as an artist?
    At this moment, we currently do not require any application or entry fees for artists.
  • How many artworks can I submit in the application?
    For this year, you will need to submit at least three pieces that you would like to have on display for our art show, but they can't be more than 6 pieces. Every year we do then restrict each artist to only bring a certain number of pieces that will fit the venue chosen for the area that year. Once you have been accepted to participate in the Art Show, you are required to give us your final selection of (X) pieces for the Art Show. If you are unsure of which final pieces to show at the Florida Deaf Art Show, you may request for feedback from the team; however, your final choices are entirely up to you.
  • What are the digital submission/application requirements?
    Completed entry/submission form Proposal document: your current artist statement (X) digital images, minimum 300 dpi. These images you submit must be the same works you bring into the art show. Exact MEASUREMENTS of your artwork(s). If the artwork is a sculptural work, also give exact weight if it is over 10lbs. Please be VERY clear with your images so we can SEE your submissions and judge them with confidence whether you will or not be part of the Art Show. We do not accept any artworks physically mailed to us. We also do not accept blurry, pixelated, and unclear images of your artworks. ***Photographers: PLEASE send us the Hi-Res/minimum of 300 dpi images of your work as we will only accept SHARP images to be sold as Art Work. Blurry, Lo-Res photography art work will be rejected. You will not be given a second chance to revise your work for the year. You can try again next year.
  • What are the artwork requirements for the FDAS Art Show?
    Original artwork, no school work, no copying, current & completed within the past three years. (Sculptural Art Work completed within the past five years.) No reproductions (prints, giclees) except digital productions. Work may be shown only once in an Florida Deaf Art Show, unless otherwise discussed. Consistent in theme or style, and medium (ie: cannot submit ½ photography and ½ paintings, or ½ paintings and ½ illustrations, etc) Illustrators, photographers, mixed media artists, etc where work does need to be in a frame: All framing and matting should be in the same scheme. Must be nicely matted and framed. Take any and all precautions to varnish or seal work to prevent future degradation after the work has been sold. Ready to hang with WIRE. Paintings: Clean canvas edges or canvases that are framed nicely for display purposes, and varnished/protected ahead of time. Ready to hang with WIRE. Photography: HI-RES, professionally printed on high quality medium (photo paper or metal, etc.) Ready to hang with WIRE. Sculptural-- Pottery, Ceramic, Raku, Glass, Wood, Jewelry, etc: Different levels are the best to display pottery, ceramic, raku, glass, and wood. Make sure your pedestals are painted an appealing color that enhances your work. If pedestals do not work for you, attractive shelving is another option. Please provide them ahead of time as Florida Deaf Art Show or the venue may not have appropriate surfaces available for your work. Jewelry must be showcased in/on clean display pieces that can be held on pedestals, shelves, or hung on the wall in a professional shadow box of some kind. Please discuss clearly how your pieces will be displayed. Collaborated Artwork: It is allowed, as long all collaborators do agree to give credit where it is due, have already agreed on prices (and also rock-bottom negotiation prices), and have agreed which ONLY ONE person of the collaborated work is assigned to receive the paycheck after sale(s) have been made as we mail out the checks 2-4 weeks after the Art Show has ended. How you split the check is entirely between you and your collaborators, and not at the responsibility of any of the Florida Deaf Art Show board members. Any entry weighing over 50 lbs will be accepted at the discretion of the receiving committee and the artist must be available to assist with placement of the piece the day the Art Show is being prepared for at the venue.If the artwork is a sculptural work, also give exact weight if it is over 10lbs. Knick-Nacks like shirts, mugs, prints, cards, reproductions, etc ARE NOT ALLOWED. We strongly encourage only ORIGINAL One-Of-A-Kind Art Work pieces. This is an ART SHOW, not an art fest.
  • Am I guaranteed a spot when I apply/submit my work?
    No, you are not guaranteed a spot until you are notified by email of your acceptance or rejection of your submissions. Also, we will do our best to explain why we rejected your work, but do not be offended as we might think you are not ready to display your work as a professional artist this year. We do hope you will re-apply next year. There is always room for improvement!
  • Do I have to be at the art show in person as an artist?
    Yes, we require all artists to be readily available at the art show throughout the entire event. Why? We want the potential customers to be able to interact with you, ask you questions about your artwork, and possibly be interviewed by local or state news media reporters. The FDAS art show is about YOU and YOUR WORK. We will not accept a proxy to stand in place for your work because only YOU can explain your work best.
  • What is the theme of the show?
    Anything relating to deaf culture and anything not relating to deaf culture. You are encouraged to express yourself!
  • What type of art can I show at the FDAS Art Show?
    Florida Deaf Art Show accepts all types and styles of art. Most artists who showcase in Florida Deaf Art Show have paintings, sketches, photography, watercolors, metal work, or other types of Art that can be displayed in a frame or on a canvas and hung on a wall. However, we also accept submissions of sculptures, crafts, and other three-dimensional art as long the artist can provide proper pedestals or shelving as FDAS or the venue may not have appropriate surfaces available for your work.
  • Can I show my artwork(s) that I already showed in a previous Florida Deaf Art Show?
    While you were accepted to show your work in the previous shows, and no sales were made, we strongly advise you to NOT submit any repeats. You should submit new or unseen artwork so we can have a higher probability in making sales.
  • Can I show my artwork(s) that I do not want to sell?
    Yes, you can. However, we prefer to present artworks that are FOR SALE in order to keep the Florida Deaf Art Show running every year.
  • Do you accept an artwork with nudity or sexually explicit themes?
    While we appreciate all types and styles of art, and fully believe that art can include nudity or sexual themes. If you have a question regarding this, please contact us with examples of your work, and we can help determine whether your art submission is appropriate. We are open minded, but we do reserve the right to reject any or all sexually explicit work that can be categorized as pornography, and also any work that promotes hate and/or violence.
  • Do you accept fan art?
    Florida Deaf Art Show accepts all kinds of art, as long as the art is a unique piece of work that was made solely by the artist, not an exact copy of already known/copyrighted characters not owned by the artist.
  • What type of art does FDAS not accept?
    FDAS does not allow or accept art that can be deemed offensive, rude, or vulgar. The team will determine if submitted art is acceptable for our art show. We are open minded, but we do reserve the right to reject any or all sexually explicit work that can be categorized as pornography, and also any work that promotes hate and/or violence.
  • How do I price my work?
    We encourage you to never underprice yourself. Research similar work of yours and see how much they go for or feel free to reach out to FDAS team for feedback. Prices for each Art Work of yours in the Florida Deaf Art Show are entirely up to you.
  • Are negotiations allowed with the pricing of my artwork during the art show?
    Yes, we want you to be happy with your sales and negotiations are encouraged to move more Art Work out of the Art Show and into happy customers’ homes! IF YOU DO NOT WANT negotiations done and you stand firm with your prices, let us know. We will not ever do any deals without your permission/agreement because again, we want you to be happy with your sales!
  • Does FDAS take a commission fee?
    Florida Deaf Art Show is a non-profit organization that depends on donations, sponsors, and partnerships. FDAS takes out 20% of every sale made at the art show.
  • Where does the 20% commission go?
    Since FDAS is a non-profit organization that depends on donations, sponsors, and partnerships. The 20% from all sales made at the art show also goes towards any current and future expenses to bring FDAS alive every year - pay the cost of venue, interpreters, and any kind of provisions.
  • How will I be paid when I make a sale at the art show?
    All sales during the Florida Deaf Art Show will be reported to our team and the FDAS 20% commission fee will be taken out of your grand total of sales. You will be mailed a paycheck 2-4 weeks after the art show has ended.
  • Are there any artist cancellation penalties or rules?
    Since we do not require application/entry fees for artists, we will not hold you accountable for canceling your submissions/appearances. However, we would greatly appreciate being notified 3 weeks before the art show. Because of this, we took our time hand selecting our artists for the art show every year and several other artists are rejected to only fill a specified quota of artists and/pieces for the venue selected. If you have been accepted and then you cancel your entry, you may be given a 3-day warning to return to the showing list. Once that 3-day period has passed, your spot will be given to someone else and you no longer can be part of the show for the year.
  • Will you keep the image(s) and right(s) of my artwork(s) during and after application submission?
    Never, artists retain the copy­right of their ­work. However, after being accepted to the art show, artists agree to have their sub­mit­ted images of work dis­played on the FDAS web­site as well as any other marketing/PR para­pher­na­lia with­out any fee or other form of com­pen­sa­tion. Images will be cred­ited to the artist only after the win­ning sub­mis­sion has been determined. Any other work that was not accepted will never be used.
  • Will the customer take home the artwork they bought before the FDAS Art Show has ended?
    No, we encourage customer(s) to stay for the remainder of the show before taking home the artwork they purchased so the artists can still exhibit their talents. If the customer has already paid for the artwork and leaves without the artwork that evening, Florida Deaf Art Show staff members are NOT responsible for the artwork left behind. The artist is to contact the customer and arrange transportation or resolve the issue ASAP.
  • When can I pick up my artwork(s) that did not sell after the FDAS Art Show finishes?
    As soon as the last hour of the art show ends, everyone is required to clean up and pack up everything they brought into the venue. This means you are required to take home all unsold artwork(s) of yours and any SOLD artwork(s) of yours if the customer already left the venue when the art show has ended. The Florida Deaf Art Show staff members and venue are not responsible for any Art Work left behind, including the transportation arrangements of any artwork.

Can I volunteer for the Florida Deaf Art Show? What are the requirements?

Yes! The requirements are simple:

  1. Age 18+

  2. Deaf/HoH or proficient in ASL

  3. MUST be available for the entire duration of the art show and the hour after the art show to help clean up the venue

  4. Highly motivated to learn about the current Artists and their artworks

  5. Highly motivated to help the Artists sell their Art Work (learn how to market & negotiate like a businessperson!)

  6. All volunteers are NOT ALLOWED to be under the influence of alcohol during the art show hours and you will be asked to leave and with the possibility of being blacklisted from any and all future FDAS volunteering opportunities.

  7. Apply for the volunteering here:

How can I be a sponsor for the Florida Deaf Art Show?

Fantastic inquiry, please contact Brian Steinhoff, the President of Florida Deaf Art Show at to discuss this further or click here:

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