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Can I volunteer for the Florida Deaf Art Show? What are the requirements?

Yes! The requirements are simple:

  1. Age 18+

  2. Deaf/HoH or proficient in ASL

  3. MUST be available for the entire duration of the art show and the hour after the art show to help clean up the venue

  4. Highly motivated to learn about the current Artists and their artworks

  5. Highly motivated to help the Artists sell their Art Work (learn how to market & negotiate like a businessperson!)

  6. All volunteers are NOT ALLOWED to be under the influence of alcohol during the art show hours and you will be asked to leave and with the possibility of being blacklisted from any and all future FDAS volunteering opportunities.

  7. Apply for the volunteering here:

How can I be a sponsor for the Florida Deaf Art Show?

Fantastic inquiry, please contact Brian Steinhoff, the President of Florida Deaf Art Show at to discuss this further or click here:

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