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3rd annual art show

hosted by Florida deaf art show, inc and deaf literacy center.


May 31 - June 1

pinellas park performing arts center

$20 dollars by May 24 i 30 dollars after may 24

Buy your ticket at www.fdasinc.eventbrite.com



Meet The FDAS Team

Brian Steinhoff


The day Brian moved to Florida happens to be the day he met his to-be wife. Talk about falling in love at first sight. It's his wife who inspired him to become an avid aerial photographer and a closeted license plate collector. One of his big dreams is to become a deaf-owned business owner. 

Dan Matamoros


Dan is the kind of guy you either love or hate for his straightforward approach. To him, honesty is the best policy regardless of whether you can take it or not. Aside from his honesty policy, what keeps him happy is a very clean house with an emphasis on "very." He can be found making constant decor changes to his house and exploring abandoned places.

Michael Stultz


Fist-bumping you is his go-way of saying hello. When Michael isn't busy fist-bumping people, he can be found chasing sunsets and...birds. Maybe alligators, too. On a serious note, he works as an ASL Program Director/Instructor at the University of North Florida. In-between classes he teaches, you might see him doubled over with laughter from watching funny video clips of animals, especially juvenile chimpanzees and reading animal memes down the hall. 

Kami Padden

Creative Director

Other than as a self-confessed Kombucha addict and hardcore Ray Bradbury enthusiast, Kami appreciates the art of craft beer, sci-fi and classic literature, and last but not least photography. As much as she tries to be a morning person, she works best during the witching hour.To her wife's dismay, she collects what to be considered bric-a-brac (e.g., chestnut wood, old school sneakers, pens, broken chairs, and pallets) in her spare time.

Ashley Hannan

Communications Coordinator

All Ashley needs is vibrant colors; classic TV shows; film noir; blackberries; wild honeysuckle; and Django, her beloved Boston Terrier who she happens to be a pushover mom of. If Django tells her to move and she will oblige willingly, and she isn't complaining. With Django in tow, she finds pleasure in window shopping at antique malls and looking at car graveyards.



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If we choose not to move forward with your application, it does not, of course say, anything about the quality of your art. We receive requests on a daily basis and are unable to simultaneously work with all the artists that we love.