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[Video Description:

Opener is  Florida Deaf Art Show Logo as described: the letter of FDAS, which stands for Florida Deaf Art Show, logo shown with a black screen on the background. The logo indicates yellow and baby blue for the letter "F," light and dark pink for the letter "D," handshape “A” in green along with yellow paint, and teal with yellow for "S." With green text of “Florida Deaf Art Show” in all capital letters underneath.


First person is Brian and he is wearing a maroon v-neck long sleeve shirt with black background. 


Second person is Dan Matamoros and he is wearing a black polo and is standing in front a green wall with some artworks behind him.


Third person is Ashley Hannan and she is wearing a green ruffle short sleeve shirt. The video alternates between persons and ends with the same opening image of the Florida Deaf Art Show logo] 



Hello! I am Brian Steinhoff.

Hello! I am Dan Matamoros.

Hello! I am Ashley Hannan.


We are FDAS, Florida Deaf Art Show, inc.The group is a non-for- profit organization that is operated by Deaf for Deaf Artists here from Florida and all over in the United States.


The reason why we are having this video is to inform what has been happening and what we have done.However, before we proceed with the rest of the video, we want to use the opportunity to thank those who have attended the art shows since 2013 by supporting them. Thank you. For the organizations that have sponsored us with financial donations, thank you.The Deaf Artists that have participated in the shows, thank you. For the rest of the community members, who have continued to show support for FDAS, thank you.


You know that last year Riverview Club in St Augustine and FDAS decided to close due to COVID. Also, this year, we decided to close, our reason is that we care for everyone, all of the people in the world. Stay home and be healthy.


Now, we have great news for 2022. It is very exciting, we want to share - yet we want to hold on the news.This will be an amazing event. If you go to FDAS’s Facebook and Instagram pages, we will announce the exciting event there. Watch out for it.


All the information, and lastly we want to recognize and give thanks to Riverview Club. It was the venue scheduled to use for this year and last year, at St.Augustine.We both have agreed with understanding for the cancellation due to many reasons.


The place is amazingly beautiful and on the river.

So, if you happen to want to host an event for different reasons, I suggest you to consider them, Riverview Club in St Augustine.

Look at it, it is a very beautiful place. 


Hey, stay safe! Thank you!

Stay safe!!

Stay safe, ok? Thank you for your ongoing support. ( ILY)

Two hands with sleeve cuffs, handshake.







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Florida Deaf Art Show, Inc.

P.O. BOX 700712

Saint Cloud, FL 34770

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